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RW Language Therapy Consulting

Families As Partners in Their Child’s Learning

Family involvement in the early years is critical to a child’s success in school and life.

Children learn to communicate during everyday activities and conversations with the important people in their lives.

This begins at home with interactions between a parent or caregiver and a child.

Parents and caregivers benefit from knowing how to bridge the gap between their child’s home and school to carryover functional communication and social language skills in their natural environment.

Robyn’s goal as a Speech-Language Therapist is to empower parents, caregivers, and families with knowledge as they are their child's FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT teacher.


Parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum or with expressive language delays can lead to feelings of anxiety, not knowing how to help your child, and being overwhelmed.

Robyn provides language therapy for children ages 2-6 and customized coaching and resource services to help alleviate the stress of knowing how to help expand their child’s communication.

Resources provided by Robyn are based on The Hanen Centre’s philosophy as she has used Hanen strategies for the past 30 years.

RW Language Therapy Consulting


  • Robyn provides language therapy for children ages 2-6 years old with their parents / caregivers virtually via through Zoom

  • Individual weekly language therapy sessions include parents/caregivers and their child to develop functional language skills through play, everyday routines and activities, songs, and reading books


Robyn provides customized and comprehensive services including consultations, workshops, The Hanen Centre MORE THAN WORDS 8-week program, custom-made materials, and resources for:

  • Parents and Caregivers

  • Educators and Parents as Teachers

  • ABA Agencies and Clinics

  • Childcare Providers

  • Those working with children ages 2-6 on the Autism Spectrum or with language delays


Robyn’s focus has always been to involve families as partners in their child’s language therapy intervention.

Having worked with young children with significant language delays and those on the Autism Spectrum for more than 30 years, Robyn realized how many families do not have adequate knowledge on how to help their child’s language skills.

Families that have children on the Autism Spectrum do not have typical relationships with others as there is no time for their own needs due to the significance of their child’s needs.

Many families feel isolated as something so simple as going out to dinner, to the store, running an errand becomes so stressful.

Friends and family members do not always understand or know how to effectively support the family which can cause feelings of isolation.

When provided with resources and knowledge, parents and caregivers become more confident in knowing how to help their child’s needs and how to carryover functional language learning opportunities at home.

RW Language Therapy Consulting


Dear Robyn,
There are no words to express my gratitude and explain how you helped us. Professional, passionate, and patient. You never left a single question unanswered, ever. They way you work transparently, send printouts, links, and documents to work on at home is out of this world. The way you involved me to help my son is not only good for him but saved me from feeling guilty. Your “More Than Words” sessions was another example of how you enlightened my husband and I. In a short time, our son started communicating with us. I feel immense gratitude that I understand my son better and it gave me great ideas how to communicate with him. You also helped my husband understand, play, connect and communicate with our son. Please help as many people as you can. You have great power to give words, and a voice to children. Thank you so much.


Mom of a 4-year old on the Autism Spectrum

My son did not communicate with us much except when he needed things. He used to pull us to what he wanted and if we did not get it right, he threw a tantrum. He was very hyper, tended to run away and didn’t understand danger. He preferred to play alone and usually did not respond to us. I always felt helpless and hopeless as he was having one-way education from his school. I felt guilty as a parent as I was not able to do my part in helping him. I did not know what to do.

After attending your More Than Words program, it changed our lives. This program helped my son but changed and educated my husband and me. It helped us better understand our son and taught us prosperous ways to help him. Our son started to slowly to play with us at home with people games. He used to be addicted to the iPad but became more interactive and gave it up. He slowly started to become more social and communicated more without prompting with words such as “bye dad, hi, morning, good night”. He also started playing with a few friends. His tantrums became less as he could more effectively communicate his wants and needs at home.

I really thank you Robyn for giving us your time and sharing your knowledge with us. I loved the way you explained things and cleared our fears and doubts. The best part was the way you gave examples that really helped us understand and get more ideas from watching the videos of kids like our own. I wished that I knew about this program earlier. I hope all parents having children with special needs take this class.

Mom of a 3-year old on the Autism Spectrum

After taking More Than Words program with Robyn, my son has improved in how he plays with toys. I can involve him in longer conversations. I learned to differentiate toys like pretend play and functional play toys. I’m involving him in conversations and he’s responding well. Robyn taught us about ROCK, The Four I’s, the Four S’s, ideas on how to include conversation in his play. Previously, we were not sure how to get his attention, but now we can get him to pay attention to what we are saying to him. This program is helpful for all parents whose children need some special care.

Parent of a 3-year old child on the Autism Spectrum.

Dear Robyn,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us with your son. Your “More Than Words” program really changed me as a father as I have learned how to communicate with my son and play with him, I see a lot of changes in his behavior, as well. This is surely due to your efforts.

Best Regards,

Dad of a 3-year old son on the Autism Spectrum

Hi Robyn,
Thank you for conducting the “More Than Words” program as it helped me learn ideas to teach my son just by playing with him and engaging in day to day activities. Now, I notice many improvements in him. Previously, he used to pull my hands to request something, and now I’m happy to see him starting to use words to request for what he wants. All your efforts made it happen.

With Thanks,

Mom of a 4-year old with Social Language Delays

RW Language Therapy Consulting